Bio fireplaces


Bio Fireplaces

Bio fireplaces are an excellent solution for interior design.

For bio fireplaces limits do not exist, such devices do not require complicated installation or connection to the chimney, they are easy to install and to use. They can be placed both in a spacious house or a smaller flat.

Biofireplaces are also an excellent solution for interior design. The wide range of products enables to use it in the most original ideas.

They are fired with ecological fuel in the form of liquid, which results in real fire.


  • Bio fireplaces raise the temperature up to several Celsius degrees, depending on the height of the flame and the size of the inside. 100% generated heat is passed on to the room, thanks to which the bio fireplace can be an additional source of heating.
  • Just pour the biofuel to the level marked in the container. It is possible to extinguish the flame at any time. Remember to ventilate the room where the bio fireplace is located. Standalone does not require assembly, to place anywhere. It is enough to assemble the elements added in the packaging in accordance with the instructions for use.
  • Bio fireplaces are made of high-quality materials. The production process is carried out according to world standards, which is confirmed by obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • The bio fireplace production process is monitored by TÜV Rheinland Poland – bio fireplace has the German TÜV safety certificate.

The TÜV-certified container has an additional special chamber that prevents fuel spillage in case of accidental overfilling of the tank. It also has a maximum fuel level indicator.

An absorbent insert placed in the center of the container reduces fuel consumption and protects against the spilling of biofuels in case of tilting the device.

Moreover, the bio fireplace has been equipped with a glass separating the furnace from the room, which further increases the safety of its use.

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