Laminate flooring


Give your home a touch of elegance and a modern-contemporary feel with Laminate Flooring.

Laminate flooring is produced by adhering decorative papers on 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 mm thick HDF which is more suitable for flooring. The bonding process is carried out using heat and pressure. The plates produced in large layers are cut in desired sizes, their click system places are opened and packaged to be used. Laminate flooring surfaces do not require any process such as straightening or polishing. Laminate flooring is the most widely used decorative floor covering today due to its easy and fast application as well as reasonable prices.


Different decor options and aesthetic appearance together with easy to clean surface, scratch and impact resistant structure of the laminate flooring makes it stands out in preference for flooring. MGD offers a wide range of laminate series with thicknesses that vary from 6 to 12mm and grade surface wear values from 31 to 33 (AC3 to AC5) class resistance.

Surface patterns includes embossed, wood & stone like and timberland and sizes include even XL planks of 18 x 243 cm.
All laminate uses the 2G locking system and the 5G series offers micro joints on all sides. Get to know the wide variety of colours and patterns by downloading our catalogue.

Live the unique experience of the 3D catalogue and the customizable virtual showroom and transform your own living space digitally by downloading the apps using the QR codes you can find in the last page of the catalogue .

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