Stone coated metal roofs


Stone coated metal roof tile panels are produced by coating acrilic resin and natural stone on Alluminum-Steel alloyed steel. The raw material of Metal Tile Panel is an aluminum-zinc coated stainless steel called Aluzinc. They are far more resistant against all climate conditions, more durable, corrosion resistant and come in different patterns and a variety of colours. Their structure allows the reflectivity of heat and support climatic insulation in buildings (cold or hot). Stone coated metal tiles are lightweight, durable to rain, hail and heat and do not need maintenance or repairs. They come with 50 years guarantee.


Full range of complimentary pieces, roof accessories, ventilation systems and rainwater gutter systems are also available for every solution. They can be easily assembled and applied via horizontal and vertical screwing and insertion method and can serve any architectural solution since they can be bent and cut. Stone coated metal tiles can be used by builders and architects for all kinds of roof construction, offering an aesthetic, environmental friendly and intelligent result.

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