Light steel Framing


Light Gauge Steel (LGS) construction (light steel framing) is a building construction system where all the structural building elements are prefabricated from galvanized steel. LGS is a typically thin sheet (generally 0.5mm to 1.5mm thick) of high-grade steel that is roll formed into various shapes and sizes for construction.
Roll forming produces light but very high tensile steel studs and the steel surface is galvanized (Zinc coated) to seal it from the corrosive action of its environment. These factors result in a material that is solid, rigid, strong, durable, and easier to build with. Studs are joined together to form frames, and joists that are used for walls or floors.

Roof truss framing can also be produced with this system and together with all other bracing components, a complete structure can be produced with this technology.

Height restrictions apply depending on the thickness and the form of the profiles of steel used. Electrical and plumbing considerations are essentially encompassed within the framework of the cladding.


There are several advantages of light steel frame construction compared with conven-tional building in terms of quality, cost, durability and speed. :

  • EARTHQUAKE RESISTANCE LGS structures are highly resistant against earth-quakes due to their elasticity and low weight. Also steel has a significant higher strength to weight ratio than wood, and maintains its structural integrity overtime since it is impervious to rot, termites and pests.
  • FIRE RESISTANCE Unlike wood, steel is fire resistant and prevents fire from spreading.
  • ECO FRIENDLY Steel is a sustainable building material, can be recycled and re-used, lasts for a long period of time and also less material is required. All these factors make steel construction Eco-Friendly.
  • WIND PRESSURE RESISTANT Steel is much more resistant to wind loads than wood. Its structural integrity and overall strength of the structure is achieved with quality connections betweens studs using screws rather than nails that are used in wood framing.

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