Pergolas, Awnings, Wintergardens


Your Elegant Space can provide a variety of pergola solutions for residential or commercial use.

Pergolas with fixed glass or polycarbonate roof and steel structure, louvered roof aluminium pergolas with aluminium structure, fabric pergolas for large areas, steel structure and many features are some of the options.

All structures can be enclosed with retractable windows, sliding or folding doors, so the whole outdoor area can become like a wintergarden for use all year round.


A retractable Bioclimatic Pergola System is a full aluminum pergola with a louvered roof. Its blades provide the user with two options. They can rotate and also retract, leaving the roof completely open if desired. All motion is motorized and remotely controlled.

The drainage system is also integrated. Optional accessories like LED lighting, rain sensors, and full enclosure are offered. Pergola can be enclosed with retractable windows, sliding doors, folding doors, and zip screens.


IQ Ultralux Bioclimatic Pergola is the most sophisticated pergola system in the world. With aluminium structure in all possible colour and dimensions, with motorized and remotely controlled louvres that tilt and retract all the way. And it has the unique feature of having integrated in the aluminium beam and column the Zip screen system for shading and also the Guillotine – retractable window system for full enclosing of the structure. Integrated rain gutters and beam structure make IQ Pergola the top product in means of functionality and aesthetics.

Optional features:

  • Polyurethane panels for heat, sound insulation, and condensation & flexion resistance.
  • LED lighting
  • Wind sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • All RAL colors and different textures
  • In many configurations, stand-alone or wall hanging.

Its twin sister Monolux Pergola offers the same features but is not integrated in the structure.


Other Pergola systems include the Sunroof Folding Glass roof, with aluminum structure and glass panels that fold and retract.

Also solutions for creating house pergolas or commercial awnings can be achieved with the fix or retractable glass pergola system, with unlimited configurations and uses. (swimming pools, parking spaces, wintergardens, patios, restaurants, cafes)


Terrace Fabric pergola can be used for covering larger areas up to 20m, like restaurants, cafe’s and wedding saloons. It has a solid steel structure with its backbone of vertical and horizontal bearings along with aluminium poles that carry the rails. A  large variety of fabrics complete the structure. Optional features like lighting or heating are available.

Combining the Terrace Pergola with sliding or folding doors or guillotine windows can transform every commercial outdoor space and with its low cost it can become the perfect return for any investment.


All outdoor patios can be converted into winter gardens by combining all of YES’s cutting-edge goods. A second living space that combines the advantages of the outside with the conveniences of the inside.

All pergolas can be paired with sliding doors, folding glass doors, retractable windows, fixed glass panes, metal or wood panels, or both to create a robust, completely enclosed structure. one that can be heated or cooled that is resistant to wind, bugs, and humid conditions

These arrangements are also possible for business outdoor patios, which can provide patrons more room and provide better conditions year-round.

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