Retractable Windows


Retractable windows, also known as guillotines can cover a wide range of construction needs, both indoors and outdoors. Its main feature is the ability to save up space.

This is achieved by allowing one or two moveable glass boards to move along a vertical driver so that when closed, it is arrayed with the non-moveable, fixed glass boards which cover the remaining part of the opening, so nothing needs additional or external storage.


Its operation can be manual or motorized, using strong, reliable tubular motors which pull the panes up or down, which in turn can be remotely controlled, in a wired or wireless setup.

They are ideal for external shop spaces, are easy to use, and come in every possible color and texture so that they perfectly fit the surrounding environment, while they protect the enclosed space from bad weather and noise. Their dimensions are adjusted to every project’s needs, ensuring that the glazed surface is maximized, while numerous motion arrangements are possible.


The telescopic glass guillotine glass system provides a maximum opening to cover large areas. Modular base application and closed-side rail profiles reveal the quality and aesthetic aspects of the product.

Different combinations of telescope guillotine glass products with 8 mm and 10 mm single glass or 4+12+4 and 5+10+5 double heat insulating glazing are offered.

Telescope guillotine glass products have a self-channeled and sealed motor box. Remotely controlled with SOMFY motors and automation. In every custom dimension and up to 3.5m in width.


Retractable windows and fixed pane windbreak systems cover the market’s needs for the protection of exterior spaces, such as cafeterias and dining places, and increase the number of available seats within.

These products come in sizes that fit any individual project space and are smartly designed to sturdily hold up against intense wind pressures while bearing thin and discreet high-grade aluminum profiles.

They don’t need any kind of maintenance, since their constituent materials – quality aluminum alloy and glass – do not wear off over time.

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